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September 28th and 29th 2012 — Guelph, ON at Innovation Guelph

Presented by DIYode

Event Info

SoOnCon is the annual Southern Ontario maker’s and hacker’s conference. This September, 2012 marked the fourth occasion. It was hosted in Guelph by the DIYode Community Workshop Friday the 28th and Saturday the 29th. It was a chance for members of the area’s creative groups to get together and talk about their favourite things. Members of the public were welcome.

Ticket were through Guestlistapp.

Friday evening started at 7 PM with a party and lightning talks at DIYode’s space. The main conference on Saturday stared at 10 AM at Innovation Guelph.



7pm: BBQ at the Diyode – hotdogs, veggie burgers, corn on the cob, drinks, and more. Print a t-shirt. Hang out with the Guelph crowd.

8pm: Lightning Talks:

  • Christoph Noel Kesting on NTOASCM: Natural Technologies of a Shipping Container Microhome
  • Bob Degregory on Making Light of Heavy Things
  • Jamie McKeown on Map Data
  • Mel Wilson on using Wiznet 5100 to hook any tiny computer to the internet
  • T. Shawn Johnson on the Mystic Maze Project, a community built constantly expanding and changing life size maze
  • Bernie Rohde on PIXLE, an almost life sized LED array controlled by Arduino to act as an oscilloscope for audio.
  • Glenn McKnight on Open Hardware projects and the IEEE Humanitarian Technology Challenge

-Seth Hardy – Flame Effects
-chill out at the Diyode Lounge


9:00 – Registration table opens
9:00 – Coffee and sugary things to get the mind jump started

10:00 ROOM1: PRESENTATION: Surface Mount Soldering with Tony Thompson.
-Get your mind in gear, first thing! Learn this valuable art with Tony Thompson.

10:30 ROOM1: PRESENTATION: Carl Penny – Wired costumes.creating costumes and wearable art with materials that would not usually be thought of as a starting point for something to wear.

11:00 ROOM1: PRESENTATION: Introducing MyDummy by Dan O’Connel
-Dan O’Connell (DOC) of showcases his MyDummy robot, taking you through a tour of the building process and giving a demonstration, which he explains is essentially “running it around until the batteries die out”

11:30 ROOM2: PRESENTATION by Jamie – notes on using a laser-cutter

12 noon, break for lunch

1:00 ROOM1: PRESENTATION: CodeShield by Simon Clark (more info needed)

1:00 ROOM2: BREAKOUT SESSION: to be announced

1:30 ROOM2: BREAKOUT SESSION: Codeshield Curriculum Development
-Brainstorming ideas for how to use the CodeShield to shortcut learning processes for adults and kids. We’ll discuss approach and ideas.

2:00 ROOM1: PRESENTATION: Free&Easy 3D Programs for Digital Manufacturing w/ T. Shawn Johnson
-3D Studio Max costs too much and Blender isn’t the only free 3d program out there! In fact, there is a host of easy to use software out there. Shawn will be presenting and demonstrating Sketchup, TopMod, 3DCoat, TinkerCad, and a couple of secretly hidden gems that do particular things very well. A reference sheet will be provided to attendees.
2:00 ROOM2: BREAKOUT SESSION: Monetizing Hackerspace Creations
-Hackerspaces are a hotbed of ideas and inventions. When these inevitably grow legs of their own, how does the hackerspace manage it.

2:30 ROOM1: PRESENTATION: Handmade Music by Ben Grossman and Eden Segal-Grossman presents a brief overview of some of the noisy and delightful ways to break a toy, make things scream and scare your cats. This is a good way to wake up.

2:30 – ROOM2: BREAKOUT SESSION: Adventures in 3D printing
-Come discuss your favourite tips, tricks and troubles with 3D printing on your favourite machines.

3:00 – ROOM1: Zak Homuth of Upverter “How to design electronics + How and why we started Upverter: My story from Highschool dropout, to a failed startup, to designing hardware professionally, to starting a startup and not failing yet.”

3:00 – ROOM2: BREAKOUT SESSION: Community Outreach
-How are hackerspaces in the area connecting with their communities. What’s worked? What failed? What did you vow to never ever do again?

3:30pm – ROOM2: BREAKOUT SESSION: Managing Membership – Horror stories and lessons
-We’ve all had them. The members who disrupted the group, who did more harm than good. What can we learn from when things went wrong?

4:00 – ROOM1: PANEL: to be announced
4:00 -ROOM2: BREAKOUT SESSION: to be announced


The presenters of SoOnCon are grateful to the following people and organizations:

  • Innovation Guelph acts as “a catalyst for entrepreneurial initiative.
    We help innovative enterprises start, grow and thrive.”
  • Upverter is “a design and collaboration platform for students, engineers, designers, inventors, makers and hackers.”
  • Miller Thomson LLP
  • Robert Berry
  • Volunteers from DIYode and other spaces


Badge Hacking & Info

The badge designed by DIYode is composed of an Arduino with their newly-designed CodeShield module. More info on the CodeShield here.

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