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September 30th & October 1st — Toronto, ON at the TIFF Bell Lighbox

Presented by Site3 coLabratory

Event Info

Friday night kicks off with a reception at Site 3, where we show off the sorts of projects you can show at a private space, hint, fire. Saturday is an all-day event at TIFF Bell Lightbox in downtown Toronto, where we will be running two tracks, one for talks, one in our working space for show and tell. After the close of talks, we invite you to wander the city to see some of the excitement of Nuit Blanche. Big events we think are cool include:

So come for the conference and stay up all night!

The Friday night festivities begin with a catered reception for registered participants and a cash bar. Registered Participants are free to bring a guest for an additional $10 at the door. Saturday is an all-day event with a keynote speaker, talks, demonstrations, workshops, and projects! After the full day on Saturday, you’re invited to Nuit Blanche to see what Toronto art has to offer.


Our keynote speaker; Adam Smith of Sword in the Stone Crafts is an accomplished leather crafter, film costumer and prop maker. Adam will be keynoting the conference at 5pm with “Dropping Out 101 – the Entrepreneur’s Guide to Abandoning a Career and Becoming a Fulltime Maker.” We are delighted to have him attend! Adam’s work is currently on display at TIFF in the long-term costuming exhibition “Otherworldly: The Art Of Canadian Costume Design” which runs to March 2012.

The balance of our speakers is a strong mix of makers, hackers and artists.
Trevyn Watson, Thinkhaus – Basic Electronics for Hackers and Artists
Alex Williams, Kwartzlab – Hacker CourseWare
Christopher Olah, hacklab.TO – From Fractals to Vacuum Cleaners: 3D Printing Awesome Stuff
Alex Leitch, Site 3 – Co-Optimism
Natalie Silvanovich, Kwartzlab – Many Tamagotchis Were Harmed in the Making of This Presentation
Ted Clancy, Site 3 – Re-thinking computer input of Chinese characters
Adina Bogert O’Brien, Thinkhaus – Things To Expect When You’re Expecting (to buy a lazzor)
Abe Schultz, Site 3 – SNARK CANNON demo: a projection bomber of your very own.
Rob Adlers, Kwartzlab – Toy Box Synthesizer
Eric Boyd, hacklab.TO – Makers at Libraries
Kevin Radigan, Site 3 – An Introduction to Fireworks
David Croal, DIYode – Pong for Arduino and Video Game Shield
Darren Healy, Hand Eye Society – creating your own synthesizer
Max Delacour, FouLab – Audio Laser Deivces
Brad Blucher and Kyle Clements, Site 3 – This is Why People Hate Art!
Calvin Winter, InterAccess – is for Everyone
Gus Gissing, Kwartzlab – Learning to Fly Ultralights


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