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Randy Glenn - DIYPinball: a new, open-source approach to pinball electronics

What: Talk – 30 Minutes When: 9:30am Where: Classroom 2 Materials Cost: None

Traditionally, pinball machines use giant machine-specific circuit boards to implement the machine, which can be tricky to repair and source parts for. We’re looking to change that, with a new, modular approach. We’ll discuss a bit of the history of electronic pinball machines, go over the parts of a pinball machine, and discuss how and why we implemented our CANbus-based pinball system.

DIYPinball Website
DIYPinball on Twitter

Stephanie Trotter - Green/Living Walls: How they work and how to make your own

What: Talk – 15 Minutes When: 1:45pm Where: Classroom 3 Materials Cost: None

Have you ever wondered what a green wall and living wall do? Have you ever wanted to make your own? Then this talk will be informative and a great place to ask and questions you may have. Horticulturist Stephanie trotter has first hand experience on how they can improve air quality one plant at a time.

Eric Boyd - Arduino and Gemma Mini Space Invader Wearable

What: Workshop – 90 Minutes When: 9:30am Where: Classroom 1 Materials Cost: $40 (optional)

led_matrix_pendant-animMax Participants – 10 paid (to take home kits) + 10 free – Register Here
Workshop Requirements: Laptop & Mini-USB Cable (for programming)

This project bridges the generations to create an animated LED necklace or charm that you can customize to create a retro-style personal “totem video game creature.” It’s a small project, good for electronics novices and group workshops. And you’ll have something eye-catching to wear and show off afterward.

Trinket/Gemma Space Invader Wearable at Adafruit

Sneak Preview of the SoOnCon 2013 Badge

sooncon-badgeThe design for the SoOnCon 2013 event badge has been finalized!

UPDATE: Now not so sneaky! Here is the Final Schematic as well as the PCB Layout for the Badge!


  • ATmega32U4 (Arduino Leonardo compatible)
  • Includes header pins for standard Arduino shields
  • 8x individually-controlled Superbright RGB LEDs (WorldSemi WS2812)!
  • Reset & two extra buttons

While the badge itself will be pre-assembled, There’s an optional sound circuit that you can add-on to use a microphone to control your project! The sound circuit kit is available to all attendees and will be covered during a special badge hacking workshop at the event.

There are only a limited number of badges, so get your SoOnCon tickets today:

Get Involved! Call for talks & workshops!

Get Involved!

SoOnCon 2013 planning is moving right along, so far we’ve got a number of talk submissions ranging from robotics to 3D printing to podcasting to camera hacking. If you want to do a talk on anything related to making or hackerspaces in general, please fill out the Get Involved form and we’ll schedule you in! Submission deadline is October 20th.

Lightning talks at SoOnCon!

We’re also announcing a lighting-talk round for the main event! If you don’t want to do a long talk at SoOnCon itself, consider a 5-minute one! We’ve added it as an option to the Get Involved form and will do the round of lightning talks as a scheduled event.

Spread the Word!

If you know someone who would be interested in attending SoOnCon, let them know! We will have an official poster to download and print shortly. Tickets will also be going on sale soon!

For event updates, follow us on Twitter at @SoOnCon or on Facebook. Hope to see you there!

Announcing SoOnCon 2013

Hey folks, it’s that time of the year again for yet another edition of the Southern Ontario Makers & Hackerspace Conference. This year, Kwartzlab Makerspace is taking the reins for the event so it will be happening in Kitchener, Ontario.

The day before the conference, Kwartzlab will be having a BBQ/Meet & Greet at their space on Friday November 1st from 7:30pm to 2:00am. Lightning Talks will accompany the fine foodstuffs and drink.

The main conference is scheduled for November 2nd, 2013 from 9:00am to 5:00pm. We’re still working on a location, we’ll keep you posted.

Finally, in grand SoOnCon tradition, we scheduled the event to coincide with an all-night arts festival that’s also happening in town on the same day. NIGHT\SHIFT is a free downtown arts exhibition that will run from 9:00pm to 3:00am the next day.

Tickets will be on sale shortly, and we’re looking for people who’d love to do a SoOnCon talk, run a workshop or even just do a short lightning talk during the Kwartzlab BBQ. If you are interested, please check out this page on Getting Involved.

Hope to see you there, it’ll be good times indeed. Cheers!