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Paul Walker - Hard Cider Made Easy

What: Workshop – 30 Minutes When: 3:15pm Where: Classroom 2 Materials Cost: $15

In this work shop we’ll take a 2L or 3L jug of cider, add yeast, replace the cap with a rubber bung and air lock, and then send you on your way as you wait for the yeast to do their thing. After about a week you’ll have a jug of hard cider to enjoy, although if you want to avoid a yeast infection you should move it into another container and let it sit for a while first.

Natalie Silvanovich - Hacking Tamagotchis for Fun ... and Well That's Pretty Much It

What: Workshop – 120 Minutes When: 1:00pm Where: Classroom 2 Materials Cost: $25

Workshop Requirements: Laptop with Python, PIL and Py(Win)USB installed

Have you always wanted to hack a Tamagotchi? Here is your chance! This workshop will teach you how to write custom games, items and code for the virtual pets. It will show you the tools you need for both script and assembly-based “Tama development”, and during the workshop you will work towards putting a photo on the screen of a Tamagotchi

Kits containing a Tamagotchi, programming board and compatible flash will be available at the door for about $25. Please bring an laptop running Windows or Linux with Python, PIL and Py(Win)USB installed.

James Arlen - More Than You Can Chew

What: Talk – 45 Minutes When: 2:15pm Where: Classroom 3 Materials Cost: None

Sometimes, you get “The Call”. Sometimes, you know that “The Call” is an ask that is just way bigger than you. You have to say yes. You just have to.

This is how opensource and community projects that are of epic proportion happen!

This past summer, I lead effort from think|haus members, the newly formed mainfram3 virtual hackerspace and anyone else who would participate in the creation of the badge kits for the r00tz asylum (formerly DEF CON Kids) event in Las Vegas.

There were good parts, awesome parts, terrifying parts, horrible parts and ultimately burned out exhaustion on the part of everyone involved.

Follow along as I outline how I went from “saying yes” to “surface mount assembly and solder re-flow in a suite at Caesar’s Palace” and perhaps pick up a few lessons learned.

Carrie Smith - The Fire Arcade: An adventure in big collaborative art

What: Talk – 45 Minutes When: 11:15am Where: Classroom 1 Materials Cost: None

In 2012 members of the Site 3 Fire Arts team dreamed up a unique collaborative art project, a large scale arcade in which every game spewed fire. We reached out to artist and maker groups across North America, and were immediately overwhelmed with positive responses! When The Charcade opened at Burning Man 2013 it featured 7 projects built by 6 fire art groups from Toronto (Riskee Ball and Super Street Fire) and all across the US (Dance Dance Immolation, Flamethrower Shooting Gallery, Rock Inferno, Touch Me and Toxic Bloom).

It was apparent from the very start that The Charcade was going to be an extraordinary adventure in coordination, communication and collaboration between like-minded makers, artists and engineers, most of whom had never met in person until we arrived in the dusty Nevada desert. I would like to share this story with you, the lessons we learned, the joys we experienced, and how we hope to inspire more epic collaborations across maker-spaces in the years to come!

Natalie Silvanovich - Many Tamagotchis Were Harmed in the Making of this Presentation

What: Talk – 55 Minutes When: 11:00am Where: Classroom 2 Materials Cost: None

You might remember Tamagotchi virtual pets from the 1990’s. These toys are still around and just as demanding as ever! This talk covers my latest efforts at hacking Tamagotchis.

First, I will detail methods for executing code on and dumping code from a Tamagotchi, and then delve into the deep secrets of Tamagotchi life that only code can tell. Finally, I will describe the internals of the Tamagotchi’s GeneralPlus microcontroller and demonstrate some projects that can be built using a modified Tamagotchi

Natalie’s Blog at Kwartzlab
Natalie Silvanovich on Twitter

Darin White - Hack Your Camera!

What: Talk – 45 Minutes When: 11:15am Where: Classroom 3 Materials Cost: None

Digital cameras, like lots of consumer goods, run software to allow you to, you guessed it, take pictures. Wouldn’t it be cool if you could look under the hood of your camera, unlock hidden functionality, and automate your camera to do all sorts of new things? That’s exactly what became possible in 2008 on some Canon PowerShot cameras. Clever hackers figured out how to run their own software on these cameras and made it available to the world.

Come out for a short talk on the what/why/how of the Canon Hacker’s Development Kit (CHDK) and how I used it to make a sky-cam and do time-lapse videos. If you own a PowerShot (**not required**), charge up your battery and bring it to the talk and I’ll help you get CHDK running on it (some conditions apply 😉 This involves no permanent changes to your camera, so there’s nothing to lose and everything to gain.

See you there!

Darin White on Twitter