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SoOnCon 2013: Epilogue

BYE6jR-IUAAlkURHey folks, SoOnCon 2013 has now come and gone! The conference was a huge success and saw 94(!) attendees between the Kwartzlab BBQ and the main event. Nothing had caught fire (aside from what was intended to be alight), and even the resulting surprise police appearance at the BBQ was smooth sailing. Lots of great talks and workshops happened both days, and badge hacking ran strong throughout.


  • 94 tickets sold
  • 23 talks & workshops
  • 68 burgers and frankfurters consumed
  • 62 bottles of beer drained
  • 66 wireless AP associations
  • 90 combined hours of badge assembly
  • 1 police visit

I want to thank all the speakers, workshop organizers, volunteers and badge assembly crew for your awesome contributions, without you SoOnCon 2013 would not exist. Huge thanks goes to Marcel O’Gorman from the Critical Media Lab for sponsoring our venue at THEMUSEUM this year.

Last but not least, a big thank you goes to everyone who attended the 5th year of the Southern Ontario Makers & Hackerspaces Conference, the largest one yet!

Conference Badges

We’ll be doing a small run of conference badges to make up for the shortage on Saturday. If you did not get an electronic event badge (or you gave yours to another attendee), please contact us and we’ll make sure you receive one. We’ll continue updating the Badge Hacking Workshop page with relevant information as it comes in. The code for the badge is available on github here: http://github.com/kwartzlab/sooncon2013


We’ll add more links as we get them:

Well, that’s it for another SoOnCon! I hope you see you at the next one, coming to a hackerspace near you. Cheers!