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What: Workshop – 30 Minutes When: 3:15pm Where: Classroom 2 Materials Cost: $15

In this work shop we’ll take a 2L or 3L jug of cider, add yeast, replace the cap with a rubber bung and air lock, and then send you on your way as you wait for the yeast to do their thing. After about a week you’ll have a jug of hard cider to enjoy, although if you want to avoid a yeast infection you should move it into another container and let it sit for a while first.

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One thought on “Paul Walker - Hard Cider Made Easy

  1. Hello Folks! Paul Walker and I are running a Fermentation Lab this year at SoonCon. It’s 15 bucks at the door, and you’ll get a rundown on the different types of fermentation, a little molecular biology backgrounder, and you’ll get to start your own fermentation of Hard Cider. (Yeast, airlocks and cider provided, we’ll have enough for 10 participants.) A few days later you (and your new unicellular friends) will have made your own jug of booze. Can’t wait to see you there! -Lauren