James Arlen - More Than You Can Chew

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What: Talk – 45 Minutes When: 2:15pm Where: Classroom 3 Materials Cost: None

Sometimes, you get “The Call”. Sometimes, you know that “The Call” is an ask that is just way bigger than you. You have to say yes. You just have to.

This is how opensource and community projects that are of epic proportion happen!

This past summer, I lead effort from think|haus members, the newly formed mainfram3 virtual hackerspace and anyone else who would participate in the creation of the badge kits for the r00tz asylum (formerly DEF CON Kids) event in Las Vegas.

There were good parts, awesome parts, terrifying parts, horrible parts and ultimately burned out exhaustion on the part of everyone involved.

Follow along as I outline how I went from “saying yes” to “surface mount assembly and solder re-flow in a suite at Caesar’s Palace” and perhaps pick up a few lessons learned.