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Stephanie Trotter - Green/Living Walls: How they work and how to make your own

What: Talk – 15 Minutes When: 1:45pm Where: Classroom 3 Materials Cost: None

Have you ever wondered what a green wall and living wall do? Have you ever wanted to make your own? Then this talk will be informative and a great place to ask and questions you may have. Horticulturist Stephanie trotter has first hand experience on how they can improve air quality one plant at a time.

Eric Boyd - Arduino and Gemma Mini Space Invader Wearable

What: Workshop – 90 Minutes When: 9:30am Where: Classroom 1 Materials Cost: $40 (optional)

led_matrix_pendant-animMax Participants – 10 paid (to take home kits) + 10 free – Register Here
Workshop Requirements: Laptop & Mini-USB Cable (for programming)

This project bridges the generations to create an animated LED necklace or charm that you can customize to create a retro-style personal “totem video game creature.” It’s a small project, good for electronics novices and group workshops. And you’ll have something eye-catching to wear and show off afterward.

Trinket/Gemma Space Invader Wearable at Adafruit