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Get Involved! Call for talks & workshops!

Get Involved!

SoOnCon 2013 planning is moving right along, so far we’ve got a number of talk submissions ranging from robotics to 3D printing to podcasting to camera hacking. If you want to do a talk on anything related to making or hackerspaces in general, please fill out the Get Involved form and we’ll schedule you in! Submission deadline is October 20th.

Lightning talks at SoOnCon!

We’re also announcing a lighting-talk round for the main event! If you don’t want to do a long talk at SoOnCon itself, consider a 5-minute one! We’ve added it as an option to the Get Involved form and will do the round of lightning talks as a scheduled event.

Spread the Word!

If you know someone who would be interested in attending SoOnCon, let them know! We will have an official poster to download and print shortly. Tickets will also be going on sale soon!

For event updates, follow us on Twitter at @SoOnCon or on Facebook. Hope to see you there!