SoOnCon 2013 is over! For a recap of the event including photos, check here.

Introducing SoOnCon 2013

SoOnCon 2013 is the Southern Ontario Makers & Hackerspace Conference. It takes place every fall and is organized by one of the many hackerspaces in Southwestern Ontario.

This year’s event is hosted by Kwartzlab Makerspace, and is happening at THEMUSEUM, in Kitchener, Ontario.


Two Events in One!

The Friday evening before the main event, join us at Kwartzlab Makerspace for an invite-only meet-and-greet and free BBQ.

The main Saturday event will features speakers & workshops the entire day.


Join a wide range of speakers as they give talks on subjects ranging anywhere from making to running a hackerspace. Current talks include 3D printing, wearable sensors, open source software, camera hacking, podcasting and more.


Accompanying several all-day workshops (including badge hacking and soldering), we have several themed workshops running during the day. Current workshops include Arduino development, home brewing and Tamagotchi hacking. 

Badge Hacking

Each attendee will receive a custom-designed microcontroller-based conference badge (based on the popular Arduino platform) that can be hacked and re-programmed at our all-day badge hacking workshop. These badges are designed by the hosting hackerspace and are meant to be expanded upon — they can be used in your own projects!


While you’re in town, there’s a free all-night arts festival happening in Downtown Kitchener called NIGHT\SHIFT. SoOnCon has traditionally been scheduled to happen around Nuit Blanche in Toronto, but Kitchener is lucky to have their very own exhibition this year. There will even be a pop-up maker space for attendees to continue hacking on their badges or other projects after SoOnCon.


Tickets are now on sale! You can register here.


We’re looking for more speakers who would like to talk at the main conference, as well as folks who want to run workshops. If you’re interested, check out our info page here and get in touch!

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