SoOnCon 2015 will be at Site 3 coLaboratory on October 3 from 1 to 7pm get tickets now!.

Introducing mini-SoOnCon 2015

SoOnCon 2013 is the Southern Ontario Makers & Hackerspace Conference. It takes place every fall and is organized by one of the many hackerspaces in Southwestern Ontario.

It looks like we’re back to a mini-SoOnCon for this year – while the makerspace community is thriving in Southern Ontario, it looks like most organizers have been pretty busy with other projects. But that’s ok! And maybe something to talk about and catch up on?
Come join us for a day of talks and demonstrations, group discussions about the state of Southern Ontario’s spaces and the bigger projects we’ve been working on (Maker Festival! Maker Expo! Make Friends! Charnival! What else?), and more community building. Site 3 coLaboratory will be hosting a party afterwards, and it’s Nuit Blanche in Toronto, a perfect night to go exploring the city or showing your own art.

This year’s event is hosted by Site 3 coLaboraotry in Toronto, Ontario!

SoOnCon and Nuit Blanche!


October 3rd is also Nuit Blanche. After the scheduled talk and presentations, we will be exploring Toronto’s awesome Nuit Blanche exhibits.

Tickets are now on sale! You can register here.


We’re looking for more speakers who would like to talk at the main conference, as well as folks who want to run workshops. If you’re interested, email us! and get in touch!

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